Introducing the VZR Model One

At VZR, we saw a massive opportunity to bring a new approach to the acoustic design of headphones and microphones - one based on our team's incredible experience in designing and building audiophile speakers, and their expertise in sound spatialization - to specifically address this issue of accurate and natural 3D audio. In this way, we ensure every meticulously-designed nuance and detail is preserved, so that listeners can have the acoustic experience as intended by the artists, producers and creators.

Our goal is to deliver the fidelity and detail of a studio reference speaker system alongside the expansiveness and warmth of open-backed audiophile headphones - all in an affordable headset that offers best-in-class performance no matter how you use it. 

About CrossWave™

VZR’s signature breakthrough innovation - making its commercial debut - is a proprietary and patented technology called CrossWave™. CrossWave™ allows the Model One to acoustically render natural, accurate 3D spatialized experiences without digitally altering the audio source. 

The Problem

The Solution

The unique geometry of the CrossWave™ passive acoustic lens selectively and strategically reshapes audio waves to emulate the way you would perceive the sound in real life without headphones, resulting in improved separation, openness and accurate 3D spatial positioning. 


Features / Specifications

In addition to the patent-pending CrossWave™ technology, the VZR Model One also features:

Custom 40mm Drivers: Individually paired, specially tuned speakers that bring you clear, accurate highs critical to spatialization, plus rich bass and expressive mid-range.

Detachable Boom Microphone: Removable unidirectional microphone with patent-pending passive noise cancellation so your voice always comes through loud and clear.

Inline Microphone: Automatically enabled when the Boom Mic is disconnected, the omnidirectional microphone and mute switch give you control over how you are heard.

All-Day Comfort: Around-the-ear design, custom memory foam ear pads and a suspended headband mean you’ll stay comfortable, even after hours of use.

Robust Design: Exotic parts, materials and construction - inspired by high-end speakers and supercars - deliver reduced vibrations and pure, high-fidelity sound.

VZR Model One is compatible with PCs, Macs, Gaming Consoles, Tablets and Phones. CrossWave™ technology is 100% compatible with 3D spatialization software running on those devices - and in fact really shines when fed a high quality audio source.