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VZR Story

At VZR, we saw a massive opportunity to bring a new approach to the acoustic design of headphones and microphones - one based on our team's incredible experience in designing and building audiophile speakers, and their expertise in sound spatialization - to specifically address this issue of accurate and natural 3D audio. In this way, we ensure every meticulously-designed nuance and detail is preserved, so that listeners can have the acoustic experience as intended by the artists, producers and creators.


VZR products are proudly designed, developed and engineered entirely in the USA, with corporate headquarters located in beautiful Issaquah, Washington.

 VZR Founders

The VZR Team was able to create the remarkable VZR Model One because of their unique combination of expertise in acoustic design, audio product design, audio production and 3D audio spatialization.

A true audio pioneer, VZR Co-Founder Victor Tiscareno has designed and built countless high-end and consumer electronics audio products. Victor founded Red Rose Music with Mark Levinson, and their speakers and amplifiers garnered praise from critics and audiophiles alike. A Red Rose customer, Steve Jobs recruited Victor to create and lead an audio research laboratory charged with radically improving the overall acoustic quality of Apple products. This resulted in the development and production of many critically and commercially successful products. Victor also served as the principal acoustic engineer for signature Apple audio products like the iPod Hi-Fi speaker system, In-ear Headphones and the ubiquitous iPod and iPhone inbox headphones.

Victor applied his 30+ years of expertise towards developing the many innovations - including CrossWave™ - that are included in the VZR Model One. Victor currently serves as VZR’s CEO and CTO. 

VZR Co-Founder Michel Henein has 20+ years of experience in both film and game audio production. Mike began his career assisting at Hans Zimmer's Media Ventures and Remote Control Productions. He parlayed this experience to enter the world of games, joining THQ as a sound designer and sound supervisor. Mike led the buildout of a world-class sound studio at THQ’s Digital Studios in Phoenix, Arizona, where he was responsible for shipping three AAA games.

In 2006, Mike joined the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences as an audio instructor where he co-developed the industry’s first Wwise-based game-audio curriculum (a leading audio engine from Audiokinetic powering most AAA game titles – recently acquired by Sony). Mike joined VisiSonics as VP Of Products in 2016 to lead development of new 3D audio products for MxR and 360-video. At VisiSonics, Mike’s knowledge of DSP technology and industry contacts resulted in multi-million-dollar licensing deals for the company. He is a vital contributor to both the production and evangelism of products for VZR.