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When is the VZR Model One available for purchase?
The VZR Model One is now available for purchase! Order now while supplies last!

When will I receive my VZR Model One?
Orders will be shipped via USPS or FedEx Ground (3-5 days) or expedited (2 day, extra charge). VZR will send you an email with tracking info and ETA once shipped.

Where can I purchase the VZR Model One?
The VZR Model One is available exclusively on our own website,

How much does the VZR Model One cost?
The VZR Model One will be available for pre-order at $349.

I live outside the US - when can I buy the VZR Model One where I live?
We plan to make the VZR Model One available outside the US later this year. Follow us on Twitter or sign up on our home page to get the latest updates.

What devices can I plug the VZR Model One into?
The VZR Model One is a wired headphone equipped with a 3.5mm plug and includes a 1/4" adapter, allowing it to connect seamlessly to your PC, Mac, TV, Tablet, Phone, Gaming Console, Pre-Amp, etc. Note: Your system may require a special adapter if it does not include one of the above connectors.

Do I need to use an amplifier with the VZR Model One?
No. The VZR Model One headset has 32 Ohm impedance, which means it can be plugged directly into most consumer electronic devices. It also performs beautifully when plugged into a powered amplifier.

Is the VZR Model One compatible with Bluetooth?
No. The VZR Model One is a high-fidelity headphone featuring wired/physical connections which deliver full-range audio quality and ultra-low latency that wireless options simply can’t match. And, you never need to charge any batteries (or worry about audio compression or digital artifacts or dropped packets, etc.).

What is included with the VZR Model One?
Included are the Model One Headphones, Carrying Case, detachable Boom Mic, Headset Cables with Inline Mic and Mute Switch, 1m Extension Cable, 1/4" Audio Adapter, PC Breakout Cable, Quick Start Guide and serialized Certificate of Quality & Authenticity.

Where is the VZR Model One made?
The VZR Model One was entirely conceived, developed, engineered and tested in Issaquah, Washington, USA. The VZR Model One is manufactured in China.

What is the warranty for the VZR Model One?
The VZR Model One is covered by a 1-year limited warranty.

Will there be other VZR Products?
We will be offering VZR Accessories for sale along with the Model One. We also have exciting plans for future audio products, but nothing further to share at this time.


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