NEW PRODUCT! Our Hybrid Ear Pad featuring a new tuning Pad is out. Check out the accessories tab below!


VZR Model One HYBRID Ear Pads (pair)

The HYBRID earpad features a new tuning profile that provides a gentle tilt to the sound signature of the Model One. The HYBRID reduces bass on one end while gently increasing midrange above the 1kHz range up to 4 kHz. The ear pad surface swaps the pleather used in the stock Model One earpad with a cloth material that adds breathability and comfort. When comparing the stock Model One earpad, the HYBRID's physical profile is narrower at the front of the earpad, modifying the angle of the driver for an even more intimate acoustic experience.

A more accurate description of how the tilt affects the overall frequency balance:

Bass range: 10 Hz to 150 Hz, shelves down by 3-4 dB 

Midrange: 1.5 kHz through 4.5 kHz, is lifted by approximately 3 dB at the  center frequency of 2.8 kHz

The HYBRID earpad swap allows users to quickly adjust their sound to suit their listening preferences. 

The earpad is custom-designed to fit the Model One and is *critically tuned for this application.

The earcup cushion pads are replaceable since they are wearable items that can wear down with time or certain conditions (i.e. temperature, and humidity, improper storage, accidental damage, etc.)
Warranty coverage of [one full year] is for factory defects only, not wear and tear, cosmetic damage from use.
Please note: for hygienic reasons and your safety, no refunds or returns on earpads once the package is opened.